CasArt Artists are willing to explore all avenues of art. Collectively they inspire each other, individually they strive to achieve.

The CasArt group are made up of artists with disabilities that have self funded their program since 2008.
It is their passion and desire to continue their work that drives them to ‘think outside the square’ and use what ever methods available to raise their funds. A cycling program and subsequent community event ‘The Tour de Force’ has been their latest fund raising effort. This successful event raised the money (and participants’ fitness) to fund workshops for their 2012 Red Rock to Royal Pavilion Exhibition in the UK.
Benefits for the adults that attend the CasArt program are numerous; including the acknowledgement of the rights of the individual to retain control over their own lives. These choices allow true self determination which results in client participants being empowered by their sense of achievement, worth and sense of community.‚Äč